Computer’s still down, Halloween 2003

My home computer is still up on blocks. I can’t get Windows XP to install. Well, it installs itself, but when the computer reboots, I get that wonderful greeting: PRIMARY MASTER HARD DRIVE FAIL. I called my Mom, a.k.a. The Oracle of PC Hardware Configuration last night and hit her up to fix it for me. Hopefully I can have Elise meet my parents halfway to their house to give my mom the computer. In the meantime, it’s going on three weeks of not having a computer at home. What really stinks is that I just bought a Pinnacle Studio AV capture card and wanted to start editing videos again. I also recently installed iTunes and was really looking forward to creating some new playlists, ripping some CDs and retagging a lot of our mp3s.

In other news – I had a good time this past weekend. John and Christine took me to a Halloween party on Friday night. I was going to go as Josh Janicek but was quickly convinced that I should be a carefully sculpted living replica of Mira Sorvino.

Tommy and I hung out on Saturday. This just after UT beat Nebraska. 31-7. Sorry, that was for someone elise. I mean Elise. I mean else, someone else. After hanging out at my apartment for a while, Tommy and I went to Kohl’s and later met up with Jeremy at Chili’s for dinner. I want my baby back baby back baby back baby back. Don’t get the baby back ribs and Chili’s. I could have saved my money and bought some beef jerky or just gnawed on a twig. We convened at Tommy’s for boxing on HBO. After boxing, Tommy, Ann Marie, Lisa and I went to a costume party. It was okay. Elise showed up, we stayed for an hour or so then headed home. Elise ate a piece of toast that I made for her for dinner.

I woke up on Sunday, rode the trusty shadow out to Dripping Springs, then to Toys ‘R’ Us, then to work to finish a differential file server backup. Elise and I stayed in most of the day and watched football.

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