Computer withdrawels and house shopping

I’m going on three weeks without a home computer. I’ve gnawed my fingertips down to bloody stumps. I’ve been huffing a non-toxic Elmer’s® glue stick. I’ve found myself weeping while curled up in the fetal position in our home office. Ordinarily I would e-mail my glue stick dealer when my supply is low but have now resorted to using this strange, wall mounted device manufactured by Uniden for communication. I’m hoping my computer will be fixed by next week.

What’s really killing me is that I can’t manage our finances by my normal means. I use a combination of Quicken, our credit union’s website and my checkbook to keep track of our money. I’m anal about this. I have my system – I know where every red cent is and where it’s going.

In other news – Della, our Realtor, took us to look at houses for the first time last night. Elise saw a couple houses in a neighborhood that she really likes and wanted to see the insides. We looked at four homes. The fourth one was the best as it had a beautifully manicured yard, but the house itself we couldn’t tolerate. The other three houses aren’t worth mentioning. They’re all older homes in older neighborhoods. Elise and I decided that we now want to look in new neighborhoods.

We now have the money now to put down on a house and pay closing costs. We told ourselves in January that we wanted to be in a house by next January. That’s two months away. Even after we find and fall in love with a house (who knows how long that will be) we know it will take at least a couple months to actually close. Couple that with John and Christine’s offer on a house being accepted earlier this week and a notice I received on our apartment door yesterday stating that come January, when our lease is up, we can sign a six month lease that will only raise our rent by $200 per month! Or we could pay month to month and our rent only increases by $250! Call within the next fifteen minutes and we’ll throw in a free kick in the groin!

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