DaHeBeGeBees, Computer is in need of resurrection

Elise and I went to Maggie Mae’s on Friday night to watch DaHeBeGeBees. That makes for immediately spirit lifting regardless of how bad a week you’ve had. In our old age, we concurred that there would be no way that we would stay for the whole show. We would be going home early get a good night’s sleep and be bright eyed and refreshed in the morning. We said good night to each other at 4 a.m.

I went over to John and Christine’s late Saturday afternoon. I’m glad I did because we did our standard sit out on the back patio and take in the weather. We sat there and fended off the cold front as long as we could. Despite John and I both being tired, we made our way to some party that someone had invited someone’s someone to go to.

Sunday was sit around and do nothing day. We watched the last few episodes of the fourth season of the Sopranos.

In other news. My computer has been up on blocks for the past week. I got a nice little case of the IE 6 and Outlook Express don’t want to go online. I tried all of the fixes I could find via Google, but to no avail. I decided to reinstall XP. Upon doing that, I installed the OS on the wrong hard drive (I have 3). To make a long story short, I deleted some files off of the boot drive that I should have. I just now got my hands on some XP boot disks (which I should have made long ago), so hopefully I can get my computer working tonight.

John has decided that he’s going to start going to Tae Kwon Do with me. This is good because 1) John will be getting some exercise and 2) I won’t be freezing on the motorcycle on the way to and from class.

I haven’t seen Harold in over a month. He hasn’t returned any of my phone calls. I’m going to call one more time tonight and then I’m going to call Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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