El’s job, Grokster

It’s early Saturday evening. My catering manager wife is at work. Elise is ‘working’ a thirty year high school reunion downtown. She just called me from the kitchen to give me the scoop on her first day. I can tell she’s really excited. She was listing all of the things she wants to change, add and improve upon. She told me she’s nervous that got herself into something big. That’s a good thing though. I’m bored and lonely.

In other news… I had to perform minor surgery on my computer today. I was downloading some live bootlegged recordings from an independent artist so I could listen to only a portion of the song to verify my liking and immediately rush to the record store and plunk down $20 for the entire album (scroll down to read the comments). For some reason, I decided to try out a new p2p client. Do not download Grokster. If you do, don’t contact me to ask how to remove all of the spyware that comes with said software.

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