Circus with Harold

Harold and I went to the circus last night. We left during the intermission. We were both greatly disappointed. It’s not really even worth going into detail. I will admit that it was a feast for the eyes. There was so much going in the center of the Erwin Center that you could easily find something at which to stare blankly.

I’d venture to say that the highlights were: T.M. the Gator Guy near-abusively man handling obviously sedated alligators. A trail of elephants moping around the arena, every last one of their inner monologues being “Please, would someone just shoot us all now.” And horses with equal amounts of unbearable fear and lethargy in their eyes. It was sad.

I don’t like the circus. I semi poked fun at PETA (and they were there – they even handed a flier to Harold) but I think I have to take their side. I’d much rather watch an elephant grazing in the Serengeti on the Discover Channel than watch them being herded in person.

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