Engler’s patio muzak, No more cable

Elise got home from work earlier than we both had expected. We went over to John and Christine’s so that John and I could run wires for the outside speakers.

After a couple hours of intense design, engineering and manual labor, we found that we needed to run the source (John’s iPod) through an amplifier (the head unit of his home stereo – conveniently located on the other side of the house). Since we didn’t have enough RCA and speaker wire, we decided to eat. I’m not sure if this project will be completed. I guess I’ll have to wait to hear from John.

Elise and I saw 28 Days Later on Sunday. Not at all what I was expecting. It’s okay. I’d suggest you wait 12 x 28 Days for it to come out on DVD. I guess Freddy vs. Jason will be the scary movie this year.

I bought an Atari 2600 on eBay the weekend before last. I’m yet to swing by Radio Shack to purchase an RCA to coax adapter. After that, it’s all about the Space Invaders.

Elise called Time Warner today. We’re downgrading to the lowest level of cabledom one can have. We’re doing this because we can’t completely get rid of cable without buying some sort of amplified amateur radio operator antenna to hang out of our patio door in order to get local channels. We have to pay $12/month to watch any form of broadcast television. Anyway… I’m going to miss the Food Network and American Chopper.

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