Networking XP & 98

Okay… I’m stupid. A few days ago I decided to network my two computers because I was doing some mad CD ripping and needed more hard disk space. I spent 3 days with networking burning in the back of my subdural blah blah. I sat down this evening and decided that come hell or high water I was going to get my two boxes of circuits talkin’ to one another.

I sat and configured. I sat some more and configured. I decided to check my device manager to find that there was an error in the onboard network adapter. I think to myself: “I’m not using an onboard network adapter” — duh… I installed a PCI network adapter when I networked the two computers a long time ago.

Ok – that was waaaaaaaay to geeky. Long story short, next time I have to double check the fundamentals. “Hmmmm, I wonder why the damn lamp won’t turn on…” Three hours later… “Maybe I should check to see if the lamp is plugged in.”

That’s all I can write right now… I now have an 30 GB networked hard drive and am in the process of moving all of my mp3s onto it so I can rip/download some more.

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