Last weekend in Austin, Cody’s rave

Just got in from Austin. It was kind of sad leaving. This past weekend was my ‘last’ weekend in Austin – next weekend we’re moving El up here.

I got in around 7 on Friday. El came home from work, Victor came over, we went and ate at the Hula Hut. On Saturday I washed and waxed the Shadow, went to the motorcycle shop and bought a part that I needed. I sat on a ZX7R… I want that bike. While I’m thinking about it, I’m going to sell my bike. If anyone knows anybody who wants to buy a damn good motorcycle, give them my email address – or 254-899-1164. It’s a black 1998 Honda Shadow ACE VT750. It has almost 13,000 miles. I’m asking $3600 for it. I’ve kept good care of it and have all records and paperwork. What am I going to do you ask? Walk. Or ride my mountain bike. I only live 2 miles from Scott & White.

Saturday night we went and saw Cody’s ‘rave’. He and 3 other DJ’s let loose at the Daiquiri Factory. It was a last minute deal. They were supposed to have the party in San Marcos, but the venue’s manager backed out or something. I felt sorry for Cody. He put a lot of time and energy into promoting this thing, then nobody showed up.

I saw Bo Anderson. I haven’t seen him since we graduated from high school.

I found out that my friend Evelyn has a crush on me and is now stalking me. It’s pretty flattering.

Another friend of mine, Whitney, is in Hawaii swimming with the dolphins. I’m jealous. She’s been there for a really long time. I think she’s just avoiding doing her taxes.

Well, it’s off to wire the office (cat 5) and then watch some basketball. I’ve been pretty bad this year – haven’t been watching basketball at all – and now the playoffs are on!

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