Layne Staley

A good day, a bad day. Let me start on a good note. My friend Johnny sent me this link today – I think we can all relate in some form or fashion. If you don’t feel like clicking through, it’s about a guy named Carlos who has a rich redneck neighbor who’s really into home improvement.

Now the bad news. This is a double-dunk in the depression pond, so grab a hanky. First, another music mentor of mine passed away. Layne Staley of Alice In Chains was found dead on Friday at the age of 34. Supposedly he died of a heroin overdose and his body lay in his house for quite a while before someone found him. It sucks because I respected him as a singer, and it sucks more because he was stupid enough to let heroin get the best of him. It kind of tugs at your heart strings… if he were a personal friend of mine, I’d want him back for one more day so I could knock him around and tell him how stupid he is. I would also want the opportunity to say goodbye. I guess I’ll listen to some AIC tonight and have my own little vigil.

I always wanted to name a child after him. I just like the name Layne – so I guess it really wouldn’t be naming a child after him. I don’t know. Elise doesn’t like that name anyway (we’ve already talked about it). She says she wants to name our kid Mumbjabar or something like that. Really, she likes the name Jacob. It’s growing on me. But it will be a while before we have kids.

And the other sad note. I just received an email from my mom: A good friend of my dad’s (and a friend of the family) son-in-law has testicular cancer and it is spreading. His wife (Dad’s friend’s daughter) has a small business and is really trying hard to make ends meet for her family. If any of you have some extra money coming in from our friends at the IRS, I’m sure the Gutierrez family would really appreciate any help you could give them! I think her product would make a great Mom’s day present (hint hint). I wish them all the best.

Well, that’s news for today. El will be here in 6 days. That’s all I have left of my bachelor lifestyle. Heh – what bachelor lifestyle. Since I’ve been here alone, I’ve managed to read the longest book of my life! I’m such a dork (shut up Evelyn).

“And We Die Young” – Layne Staley, 1967-2002

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