Josh’s Crib

I was lucky enough this past week to have MTV come over to my place and film an exclusive episode of Cribs. They wanted the public to be able to see what a man of my caliber lives like. It was stressful having all of those camera people in my place, but I got over it.

If you’re on a slow connection, I suggest you start downloading the clip and go to sleep!

Josh’s Cribs episode

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  1. I’m so disappointed!! I thought I was getting a real CRIBS episode (like I would know what CRIBS is).

    Actually this was pretty good once you got into it. Only problem I could see is that it was written, directed, filmed, edited and everything else by this one Josh Janicek character, who wasn’t even sure whether or not to capitalize the J’s in his name.

    Actually I could even overlook that because it was a one-man show, and this one man appears to have a lot of talent. Just think what he might be able to do if he had a real camera person, and a real writer and a real editor.

    All in all, darn good, I’d say!

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