Tax day, Roadrunner, Fear Factor, Robin Cook

Hope everyone got their taxes done!

Today I had roadrunner installed – I’m happy now. El and I will no longer be using our austin.rr email accounts any longer.

You know what bugs the hell out of me? Fear Factor. It’s the only reality TV show that I’ll watch only because I like the stunts that are involved. I have to admit though, I might walk if spiders were introduced. Anyway – why don’t they have regular people the show? I swear, you have to be a Calvin Klein model to be on this show. Another reason I watch it is because Joe Rogan, the host, is funny as hell. He’s not really funny on the show, but his old stand-up acts are hilarious. He used to be on the TV show, News Radio. I kind of followed Mr. Rogan before he started hosting Fear Factor, truly a funny guy. And his website used to be crap before he got the money to have someone build the existing one. I guess he deserves the money.

I’ve been reading one of those three-novels-in-one by Robin Cook that my mom loaned me. I’ve read Contagion and am almost done with Chromosome 6. Both of them are really good. They’re ‘medical thrillers’. After reading, I’m kind of nervous when I walk through the hospital at work.

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