No more credit card, Elise starts a fire

I’m back in Temple after having a relaxing weekend in Austin. I got in around 7 on Friday evening. Victor came over around 8. El got home from work around 9. We hung out on the porch for an hour or so, then decided we were hungry. We went to Texas Land and Cattle Co. Good food.

Saturday, El had to work, I had errands and honey-do jobs to tend to. First, and most importantly, El and I have been saving like we’re mad — so, I went to the bank, transferred all of our savings into checking and paid off our credit card. Woooohoooo!!! Talk about a weight being lifted. We really didn’t owe a whole lot, but it’s just good to be done with it. We’ve vowed to never use credit cards again. I can’t begin to explain how good we feel now!

Late last week, Elise kind of left a candle burning and caught our coffee table on fire. No biggy (yeah right). Luckily, Riley went into the office and told Elise that the apartment was about to go up in flames. Seriously, from what El told me, our little cat ran into the office, caught his breath and said: “Hey! You left the candle burning on the coffee table, and now you’re about to burn my house down!” So, Elise ran into the living room and tossed the candle outside. Luckily nothing really started blazing.

Anyway, I decided that I was going to ‘fix’ the coffee table. I went to Home Depot and bought some sandpaper, brush, wood conditioner and stain. I started to sand the burned part. Um, I did more damage than the fire did. So now we have a pretty ugly coffee table. We took everything, minus the used sandpaper, back to Home Depot.

Elise told me not to post anything about her incident without exploiting myself as well. It was approximately 6 months ago, we had 10 or so friends over. I decided that I was going to cook chicken fried steaks for everyone. I set up my breading station on the counter as well as part of the stove. I turned on one of the burners so I could begin boiling water for the mashed potatoes. Needless to say, I turned on the wrong burner. I went out onto the patio to talk to some of our guests when we all hit the floor when we heard a huge ‘boom’ then a ‘crash’. Victor, Felix and I ran into the kitchen to see the last of the flaming glass fly through the kitchen.

I had set a Pyrex baking dish, full of flour, on top of the hot burner. Flour was on fire on top of the stove, glass was on fire, burning its way through the linoleum floor. It was pretty bad – and pretty embarrassing. I ordered 3 pizzas…

Today (Sunday), El and I ran errands and had lunch at Rudy’s BBQ. We went to the mall so I could buy a new toy. I got an 18″ Leatherface action figure. He’s cool.

Well, now I have to go make a harassing phone call to a lady who owes me money.

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