Today she graduates from high school. I don’t know why but I’ve been a bit of a wreck in my head and heart for the past couple weeks. It’s a time to be happy and celebrate for her, but I greedily want time to pause and allow me to stay an arms length away.

A chapter in her life is done. Soon a new chapter will begin.

I took this photo of her five short years ago when the four of us were on Mt. Ranier. In usual form she and I were up ahead. She was ahead of me, unaware of what was before her. I knew it when I took this photo that it would soon represent her life. She’d be going off, on her own, into some vast unknown.

Part of me quietly hoped that day would never come. But I knew it would. I still hope that I’ll hear her say, “Cool! Dad, come look at this!” I might not. But I really hope I do.

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