Hard sparkling water

We’ve been at Steve and Joanne’s house for a little over a week now for the Christmas holidays. Their house is like home to us. As such, we’ve all kind of settled into our respective ways. I slept in this morning and took my time before setting out for my daily run.

Boppa and Gran aren’t big drinkers, but they keep a little supply of beer, wine, and hard seltzers in the fridge in the finished basement. When I came back from my run, Mara, age 10, was camped out in the basement, watching the Disney Channel, and had an open can of peach-flavored hard seltzer on the table next to her. I picked it up and felt that there was a sip or two missing from the cold can.

“Whatcha drinking there?”

“Sparkling water.”

“Does it taste funny?”

“Yeah, a little bit.”

“That has alcohol in it.”


“It’s like a beer.”

“Oh. Ughh. I thought it was sparkling water!”

“How ya feeling?”

“Man, you ever look up at the clouds and think about how cool it would be if Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Page had a child together?”

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