Running, LAX and Christmas-themed weekend

The weekend started with the run club’s annual tour of Circle C’s Christmas lights on Friday night. Every year the crowd gets larger. The whole club has been getting larger as well. It’s been amazing to see this crew grow. Most of us hung out in the parking lot of the community center after the run for some beers and to chat.

On Saturday we all got up early and humped it to Lockhart for the Outlaws (Maly’s club team) LAX at the Ranch lacrosse tournament at Two Wishes Ranch. The Outlaws beat both Forged and the Jalapenos. And for the third game, the coaches mixed and matched all three teams for a free-for-all final game. It was really fun to watch all of those girls, from three different cities (Houston, San Antonio, and Austin) come together in a couple teams and get to know each other and laugh while playing each other in lacrosse.

The high on Friday was 81º. It was 53º, cloudy, and windy as all get out on Saturday morning. It was cold. Elise, Mara, Michelle, Stacy and I were shaking like leaves on the sidelines all morning. The wind was brutal.

After the girls’ second game, Elise, Mara, and I decided to leave the tournament to drive into town to get lunch. You have to get barbecue whenever you’re in Lockhart as it’s the barbecue capital of Texas. Elise had never been to Lockhart, so I took her to Kreuz Market. Thankfully we got there right in time. After ordering a pound and a half of brisket, the crowd started piling in and a huge line formed. The brisket was amazing. We also got sauerkraut and baked potato casserole. Elise loved it so much that she wants us to take her parents there whenever they’re here for Christmas later this month.

Saturday night we went to dinner with our friends Pete and Lindsay and then to see the Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis Holiday Shindig at the Paramount Theatre. We had dinner at Group Therapy in the Hotel ZaZa. Everything was fantastic until Pete’s and my halibut showed up. We both decided to send our plates back as the halibut was tough and chewy. We both acknowledged that we’re not the types to send food back, but I wasn’t going to pay $40 for a piece of burnt fish. Aside from that, it was a great experience. Our waiter and manager took care of us. We didn’t get our meals replaced because we were in a hurry and thankfully we’d both ordered a salad, so we didn’t leave starving.

After dinner we walked over to the Paramount to see Bruce & Kelly’s Holiday Shindig, which was a ton of fun. We got front row seats on the balcony which was an awesome vantage point for some funny stories and classic Americana Christmas songs.

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