Some things we’ve done during COVID-19 quarantine

I taught Maly how to make my salsa recipe.

Which is really quite a simple list of ingredients (the trick is fire roasted tomatoes).

I taught Mara how to make beef jerky.

I taught Maly how to drive a stick shift.

We got a trampoline!

We celebrated Maly’s 14th birthday with a drive-by birthday party.

I ran every single street in our neighborhood.

We celebrated Mara’s 8th birthday with a drive-by birthday party.

Elise made cakes for neighbors for their birthdays.

Elise built a retaining wall in the backyard.

Maly and I ran the Austin Sunshine Run Virtual 5K.

Despite not wanting to, I finally bought a new iPhone.

That takes really good photos.

We witnessed the metamorphosis of caterpillars turning into painted lady butterflies.

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