iPhone woes

A few weeks ago Adrian and I were having dinner before attending a funeral. As we were paying at the cashier stand, I pulled my iPhone from my pocket to have it slide out of my grip and land, from a height of approximately 4-feet, on the tile floor. I picked up the phone and quickly inspected it to find it had a little fracture in the upper right corner of the glass face. The phone worked as normal and I didn’t mind the minute cosmetic damage.

Fast forward a couple weeks and I’m getting up from the couch on Saturday night to go to bed. As I’m getting up, the phone slipped out of my pocket and fell the 15-inches to the hardwood floor and must’ve hit just perfectly because the glass face spiderwebbed.

After living with my cosmetically mangled iPhone for a couple days, I decided to look into trying to fix it myself. I found an iPhone 3GS replacement digitizer kit on Amazon for next to nothing. I excitedly waited for my replacement kit to come in the mail. In the meantime, I started studying up on how to replace my phone’s digitizer.

And at last, today was the day that the replacement digitizer was delivered to our mailbox. I’d made a run to the grocery store after work and before I stopped to get the mail. When I got home, I had the mail in-tow, with the bubble wrapped package containing my iPhone digitizer replacement kit. I hopped out of the Jeep and put the mail on the garage floor so I could bring the groceries into the house. Elise had to run a quick errand so we were two ships passing in the night. A couple minutes later, Elise came back into the house to inform me that she’d accidentally run over the mail. My bubble wrapped package containing my digitizer replacement kit was included in the carnage.

What are the odds of that happening?

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  1. I dropped mine on the cement and cracked it, I was kind of scared I would break it even more by replacing the screen so I put it up for sale on ebay and ended up selling it for about $350 so I spent $200 since I was due for an upgrade anyway.

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