Bohemian Rocky Road

They ain’t pretty and they ain’t healthy, but they’ll eat!

I wanted to make something like “the ultimate Christmas cookie” because… that’s just how I roll ever since having been stricken with this wicked and insatiable sweet tooth. I did a couple Google searches and nothing struck my fancy, so, I again turned to Anna’s! I happened across her recipe for Lake Travis Mud after a search for “Christmas.” I’m not in it to win it but was told a long time ago that if you change 3 ingredients, you can call a recipe your own, so I’ve just made it a habit of doing that (whenever I can) and I modified this recipe as well.

I thought about calling it Bohemian Rocky Road, but I don’t think this recipe quite earns the Bohemian part (don’t ask me why… it’s just one of those things).

    12 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips
    8 oz butterscotch chips
    3 heaping tbsp chunky peanut butter*
6 oz dry roasted peanuts*
6 oz pistachios*
6 oz toffee bar chunks*
    8 Oreos, smashed*
2 cups miniature marshmallows

    * indicates my additions/modifications to original recipe

    I created a double boiler by using my handy stovetop smoker (I guess that would classify this as a Bohemian technique ;-) ) filled halfway with water and put an 8×8″ baking dish in the water to melt the chips and peanut butter.

    Once chips and peanut butter have melted, add peanuts, pistachios, Oreos & toffee chunks. Let cool slightly and add marshmallows.

    Cut to desired shapes/pieces and refrigerate. I’d recommend eating them for breakfast with 20 oz. of Jolt Cola!

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  1. Sound good and fatening!! Wonder if I can still wear my costumes if I have a steady supply of your cookies???

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