A milestone in communication

Tonight Elise had a meeting at church, so I thought it would be a good idea to show Maly how to use the phone to dial either Elise’s or my cell phone in case she needs to get in touch with either one of us.

I wrote down our phone numbers next to our names on a little piece of paper and taped the numbers to the refrigerator at Maly’s eye level. I showed her how to turn the cordless phone on, listen for the ringtone and then dial my cell phone number. It took her a few tries to finally punch in all of the numbers quickly enough to get the phone to dial, but when she did, it was like it was Christmas morning. She was so excited that she’d called my phone and was able to hear my voice on the other end, even though I was standing three feet away from her.

And it was so cute the first six times. Now whenever she wants to talk to me, she calls my cell phone from the land line. I think I might have created a monster.

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