Thank you for this job

At 7 o’clock this morning I found myself standing in the kitchen, waiting for water to boil for coffee before I headed out for my first day at my new job. Maly walked into the kitchen still in her pajamas.

“Hi, Sugar. I’m starting my new job today. Do you think there’s anything that I should say on my first day?”

“Thank you for this job.”

I don’t know exactly what it was that I expected, but I was hoping for something silly and irrelevant. What I got was relevant, profound and exactly what I needed to hear.

Leave it up to the child, just short of her 4th birthday, to put things into perspective and to set me off on the right foot in a new adventure.

5 Replies to “Thank you for this job”

  1. She couldn’t have realized what she was saying in the context of what you were asking, but it was perfect! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with Gran. Nonetheless, her reply was nothing short of phenomenal! Of course, she is our granddaughter, and she has awesome parents.

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