My face has been in a book

I haven’t posted anything on since May 27th. Wow. Truth be told, I’ve been hanging out on Facebook. If you don’t know what Facebook is, your head’s been under a rock – right along side my wife’s!

By the time I get home from work, play with Maly, have dinner, work, bathe Maly, brush her teeth, brush her hair, work, give her new headbanging lessons, read to her, put her to bed, talk to Elise, work, it’s too late to recount my recently discovered high cholesterol count or a herd of ducks I might have seen on the way into work this morning.

So I post snippets here and there on Facebook, and I’ve been trying to get Elise to do the same. She won’t have it. There’s even a Facebook group, trying to urge Elise to join Facebook. I’ll bet if I became a Catholic, Elise wouldn’t have a leg to stand on in this Facebook joining battle.

But this battle hasn’t gone to that extreme. Yet. Elise raises a good point in that Facebook would be a total timesuck for her. And it would. If you know my wife, she’s not that great at managing her time. And I only write that because I had to step away from the keyboard to ask her if it was okay to write that.

I know more about what Elise’s friends from Iowa are doing than she does. Case-in-point, because of Facebook, I know that people in Iowa are experiencing their “summer” this week. Next week they’ll all be knee-deep in snow again.

In recent months I’ve come home to Elise with some exciting news:

“Jeff and Heather are having a boy!!!”

“That’s soooo two-day-old news”


“Yep. And I’ve already seen the ultrasound photos.”


“And I got an autographed copy! All done in “Facebook!””

We actually got into an argument as we were going to bed one night recently. I strongly urged my loving wife to adopt social media now, because in 5 years, when our daughter can send a MMS message via the Sonytendosoft Wii GPS Advanced720® Retina Sensorâ„¢ to her all-reaching, satellite-fed TwitBookr 2.0 account for all the world to read, except her mom, I’ll probably be standing before the open pantry, iPhoneMicro 9GTz Turbo in hand, downloading an application to determine if I’ve had enough soluble fiber for the day.

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