6 Replies to “Downhill PlasmaCar racing with Maly”

  1. While I admit the plasma car ride looks like fun, that little baby going so fast and so low down the center of the street scares the heck out of me. There are so many inattentive drivers out there! Especially those on cell phones who aren’t paying attention.
    Maybe I’m a nervous granny, but PLEASE teach her to stay out of the street. The sidewalk, going past driveways, is enough of a thrill for me to see. The memory of a first-grade friend — who was on his bike and got hit by a car — lying in a coffin with lots of makeup to cover the bruises was all the children hit by drivers that I ever want to see in my lifetime.

  2. Elise told me I’d catch hell. ;-) Maly and I had a safety chat today. She now knows that she can’t ride past Ruxton Street without her mom or dad. And she can’t ride in the street.

  3. Appreciated interaction between a Dad and Daughter even though the speed of an almost 3 year old speed demon. Awesome the two of you!

  4. I’m pleased to hear you had the safety chat. I dearly hope she absorbed it.
    OK, now that I got that off my mind, I have to admit her response to you when you suggested where you were going WAS cute, as was her quick agreement to the “want to go again?” question.

  5. By the way, my mother has reminded me I failed to mention witnessing my own brother getting hit by a car. We were standing on the side of the road, waiting to cross the street. One car passed from one direction, but he failed to look for the one coming from the other direction and raced to cross. Watching him get hit and thrown down the street, then lying so still was pretty traumatic, too. He was about 4. Guess I blocked that one out when writing my first message. At least he survived, but it’s hard to tell how that trauma has affected him. Please keep that precious little girl safe. Kids just don’t understand that cars can be lethal. OK. I’ll leave it alone now.

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