Holy crap!

Elise had to take an class at her church tonight so it was Daddy/Maly night tonight. We got home after dropping Elise off and I made dinner for Maly. She ate as I was preparing my own dinner. She finished her dinner pretty much before I really started making mine (I’m totally out of practice in the kitchen).

And then she disappeared. I peeked around the hallway and saw that the bathroom door was closed and the light was on. I just assumed she was tending to business as she’s been learning to do so the past week and half. And by business, I’m only referring to front-end business at this point.

The house remained virtually silent for about five minutes. I was predisposed still by prepping my own dinner. I finally walked to the bathroom door.

“Hey, everything all good in there?”

“Yeah! Water really hot.”

I opened the door to find Maly with a hand full of suds and only the hot water running.

“Oh, sugar, that’s because you’ve only got the hot water running”

“I went poo poo and pee pee.”


“And now I wash my hands”

“You pooped?”


“In the potty?!?!”


“All by yourself?!!”


“AND YOU WIPED YOUR ASS?!?!… uhhh, ahem, I mean, you wiped your, err, butt by yourself?”


“What? Seriously? You wiped yourself? Not just the pee pee, but the poop, too? You wiped your butt?”


And the celebration began. I told her how proud I was of her. We danced a little jig. We chased each other around the kitchen and screamed and laughed. Finally, after ten minutes, she stopped in front of the stove and said, “Daddy, hoewdge me.”

I obliged. I lifted her up into my arms as she put her two fingers in her mouth and then nestled her little head down on my left shoulder.

“I’m a big girl.”

4 Replies to “Holy crap!”

  1. Just ask yourself; 5 years ago would you have ever imagined you’d be dancing about the house doing the jig because your daughter went #2 all by herself? Life sure is good, isn’t it? Cherish those moments. Great story, Josh. :)

  2. I sure am glad she washed those hand before she popped the fingers in her mouth.

  3. How sweet of you two to celebrate a big challange in Maly’s life. She will only remember this for a short while and if she happens to remember in time, pretend you don’t! Do you remember when you quit using diapers? The lady working at day care remembers.

  4. What a smart little cookie! And, yet so cuddly! I can just picture the conversation in the bathroom. I can also feel the nestling little head. How precious! The really important question, though, is: Did you ever get any dinner?!

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