Broken: Week 1

It’s hard to believe I broke my ankle a whole week ago. Since being back at work, the sympathy vote has been refreshing, but it still sucks having a broken ankle. It’s not really the broken ankle that sucks so much as it is having to use crutches. Cruising around on crutches means you have no hands. It’s not easy to tote around a laptop, food, drink, firearms or Obama ads that are littering the mailbox.

As of tonight, I’m halfway through my series of Lovenox injections.

I was reflecting on broken bones on the drive home from work tonight. Over the years I have broken:

Right collar bone – fell off trampoline
Left wrist – fell out of tree
Right ankle – gym hockey
Left ankle – snow skiing
Tailbone – football
and countless toes – Tae Kwon Do

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  1. Yeah, remember I got a hairline fracture at two-a-day football practice at the beginning of my freshman year of high school? The linebacker coach laughed and said, “you broke your ass?”

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