Forced to start car shopping

Elise and Maly were setting off to go to the grocery store yesterday afternoon when Elise found that the Expedition wouldn’t start. I got up this morning and tried to start it because my being a man means that I can use my innate mechanical wherewithal to turn the key in the ignition to determine that the Expedition won’t start.

I, like any man, popped the hood and took a gander at things. Everything looked good. There was a cable over there, some spark plugs down there, battery was still in the same place where I last saw it. Yep, everything looked good.

So now I’m waiting on a tow truck to come pick it up and take it to the mechanic. The truck’s got 235,000 miles on it. It’s time to sell. Which means it’s time to buy. This next vehicle purchase is going to be for Elise. The last time we bought her a vehicle, it was her Jeep (which I’m now driving). She knew EXACTLY what she wanted which made vehicle shopping pretty easy. I don’t think she knows what she wants this go-around.

Assuming the tow truck gets here sometime this morning, I think we’re spending the day test driving cars.

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