Slow weekend

I made a mad dash to the grocery store after work on Friday to pick up steaks and other miscellany for Saturday’s dinner. I got home, started a fire in the fireplace, turned the TV to one of those digital music channels and started making a marinade for the steaks before Elise and Maly got back from swimming at the gym.

On Saturday we all loaded into the truck for an unusual day of reverse consumerism. We stopped at Target so Elise could return a bunch of stuff, then to Office Depot where we picked up a labeler, then to the HoPot to return some stuff, then to the grocery store and then finally home. Elise and I started prepping for dinner as Rob, Julie and the boys came over later that evening for steaks. I grilled five filet mignons out on the deck among of flurry of sirens and a helicopter that kept circling our neighborhood overhead. After dinner and about an hour more of the helicopter a sirens, I called 311. After inquiring about the helicopter, the operator asked if I lived on or near Via Dono Drive. I told her I didn’t know where that street was. She then asked on what street I lived. I told her. After a odd pause while she looked up my street, she then said, “It has been advised that you stay inside your house and keep all doors and windows locked. I’m sorry I cannot provide more detailed information at this moment.” Of course while she’s telling me this, I’m standing out on the deck. So I made a fast dash back into the house to tell everyone what the operator had told me.

So that left Rob and me to mentally prepare for the worst. Rob’s a huge gun enthusiast and I have a few firearms of my own. We were both ready to get all Red Dawn on the insurgents. After combing the media outlets, we couldn’t find any news of what was going on in our neighborhood. About an hour or so later, the Fenders walked back to their house two doors down. I stayed up watching TiVo’d episodes of Fight Quest until 3 a.m. I was subconsciously keeping myself up should something happen.

On Sunday morning we finally found out that a man a few streets over had barricaded himself in his house with a gun and SWAT was called out to the scene. It was reported that “the situation ended peacefully.” Whatever that means.

The girls and I were then off to Cabela’s. Maly conked out on the way there, kept snoozing in my arms as we entered the store and it took Elise and I both to wake her up so she could see the huge aquarium and all its fish and turtles. We walked the store for an hour or so. I picked up some jerky seasoning and curing salts and ogled over all of the other cool stuff that I wanted to buy. We had a late lunch at the Cabela’s restaurant. Elise had an ostrich sandwich and I had the 1/2 lb. buffalo burger with chipotle mayo and fried jalapeno slices (holy crap was that a good burger).

We then shopped camping gear and finally decided to leave before Maly unleashed holy terror due to only getting a 20 minute nap on the ride there.

We got back to the house and Maly and I hung out, watched the Chargers lose to the Patriats and eat dinner while Elise went shopping. I seasoned 4 lbs. of meat to be made into jerky. Elise got home while I was giving Maly a bath. So we put Maly to bed, watched a little TV and tried to watch Superbad on the Apple TV. Despite what Apple says, you cannot rent a movie in the iTunes Music Store and watch it on your Apple TV. So we sat on the couch and watched movie trailers on Apple TV and went to be early.

It was brought to my attention on Friday that we had Monday off for MLK day, so today is weekend day three. Maly woke up groggy, probably because it’s cold and rainy today. I packed the dehydrator with the meat I seasoned yesterday and have been making jerky all day. We’ve done a little finger painting, played with some Play Doh, fed the baby dolls, took one baby on a stroller ride all around the house, learned to say, “Daddy, mere!” which means that I am to follow Maly around the house while she pushes baby Gigi in the stroller, and got into trouble after sneaking into Daddy’s beef jerky before it’s done.

This evening we went to Target for diapers and then to dinner at Cypress Grill for their famous muffaletta’s. So it’s been nice to have a long weekend even after having some recent time off over the holidays – just hanging out with the girls.

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