Dangerous flea prevention products no longer tied to erectile dysfunction

HartzVictims.org started getting Viagra and Cialis story submission spam on August 14th. Since then I’ve been getting upward of 20 submissions a day with links to “Buy cheap Viagra” websites. It immediately got very frustrating because I was then having to login to my database and search for “viagra” and “cialis” and manually delete any and all of those entries in the queue before I could actually moderate any real user submissions.

I kind of leave HartzVictims.org to somewhat run itself, but the spam was starting to get unbearable. Thankfully all stories have to be submitted by me, so no viagra links had been published, but still, it was a pain in the ass to have to login and delete 99% of the content submitted.

After some here and there poking around, I found bbAntiSpam. And it’s the perfect solution for PHP-Nuke spam. I uploaded the two PHP scripts and added one small line of code to my index page. *POOF* No more spam submissions. bbAntiSpam uses Advanced Textual Confirmation which challenges a spam bot or a human to answer a question before the story can be submitted.

I’m really glad that this was an extremely simple fix. And I’m glad to be done with the headache of submission spam.

What I find interesting is that the influx of spam started a few weeks after I setup a HartzVictims.org MySpace account…

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  1. I recently emailed you about my cat Houdini who was treated with Hartz drops I hope it made it to you.

    I cannot believe that Hartz is still being sold, after thousands of victims and families lives changed for the worse. If you have any information on Hartz and/or your cats treated please email it to me. I want to bring this company’s reign to an end, but I cannot do it alone.


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