Mr. Janicek, your yarbles are here, ready to be used

As I was driving home from work this evening I thought, “The yard really needs to be mowed. I wonder if I can hold off until the weekend.” I generally like to mow the yard on Wednesday or Thursday so my weekends don’t involve much, if any yard work.

I got home to find that the yard had already been mowed. And Elise was selling our old TV just as I was pulling into the driveway. She had to hurry inside to finish cooking dinner. And prior to doing the aforementioned, she had made a meal complete with chocolate chip cookies and a bottle of champagne for John and Christine.

So I stood in the driveway with my daughter as the guy who just bought our TV drove off. I sort of stood staring blankly at the lawn, wondering what my role at home has become. I still pay all of the bills and am the primary source of income. But even still, Elise has been doing some side photography projects with Marc and will easily pull in 5-figures this year. And paying our bills isn’t a hard job. I almost feel threatened. I think the last three times the yard has been mowed, it was by the hands of Elise.

It seems as of late my only responsibility is to make Maly laugh while Elise makes us all dinner. I used to be the Head Chef of the house. Now I dare not make any suggestions or offer critique because I know Elise works hard during the day and has every right to take great pride.

Maybe I should just embrace this time and look forward to nothing other than just playing with my daughter so Elise can enjoy her time alone, training to pummel me in the fight for the title of Ruler of the Kitchen.

I think I’ll just take this time to be Dad.

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