Time to go back and win some bread

Other than the two full weeks when I worked for that start up dot com, I’ve been unemployed since September 8th. I’ve had 10 weeks to spend with friends and family.

I accepted a new job offer this past Tuesday. The last two weeks I made it a point to hang out with my two girls and do some fun things around Austin.

Last Wednesday we went for a late lunch at Sholtz’s Beer Garden. It was a gorgeous day outside at the restaurant where, just the night before, Kinky Friedman had his post-election party. We had grilled bratwurst, jagerschnitzel and bocktoberfest beer.

On Friday my Mom came to our house as her last stop on her west coast trip. For dinner I bought us all muffalettas from Cypress Grill. On Saturday we all drove out to Johnson City for Cyndi’s Mom’s birthday party. On Sunday we went to Fry’s and then back home to hang around the house for the day. Mom left late that afternoon and then Elise and I went clothes shopping at Kohl’s.

On Tuesday of this week we went to the local park and let Maly play in the gravel. She also ate chicken for the first time on Tuesday.

On Wednesday we went to Doc’s Motorworks for tampiquena steak and South Congress eggrolls on the patio.
On Thursday we went out for crab bisque at the Nordstrom Cafe Bistro and then clothing shopping for Maly.

On Friday we had lunch with Christine at Ranch 616. The girls had fancy salads and I had the quail. We went back to the mall to have Maly’s photo taken with Santa.
Yesterday we went for kolaches at the Big Kolache for breakfast then to Target, WalMart and the grocery store. Last night we went over to Marc & Cyndi’s house were I grilled coriander and chipotle dusted pork loin stuffed with garlic, rosemary, mustard seeds and green peppercorns and ancho bock mashed potatoes. The girls made a great salad with feta, almonds, purple onions and Elise made a balsamic vinaigrette.

Today we went to Zilker Park to fly a kite. Just like the last time we went to Zilker Park to fly a kite, there wasn’t enough wind. We went to Zen north of campus for a late (and horrible) lunch.

Tonight I’m just going to hang out with my girls. I start my new job tomorrow and sure am going to miss all the time I’ve had with Elise and Maly recently.

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  1. Too bad we weren’t all born independently wealthy! It’s neat, though, that you got to spend this time with your family. What a great opportunity to bond further with Maly as she changes so rapidly, and to solidify your new (relatively new) family dynamic — father/mother/daughter. I’m glad for you!

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