Monthly Maly Letter: Month seven

Dear Maly,

You turned seven months old today. You’re over half a year old now and you’re more amazing than I’d ever fathomed.

This month has been nothing short of spectacular and I couldn’t be more enthused about being jobless because I’ve gotten to witness all of your new and exciting accomplishments.

For your first milestone this month: you sat up on your own. Your Mom was by the vanity in our bathroom and I was in the bedroom when I turned, looked down and saw you just sitting there. I asked your Mom, “Did you sit her up?” to which she replied no. We both missed you sitting up on your own for the first time but after that first time, you’ve become a master.

Earlier this month you started crawling. You used to do your low crawl/belly flop but now you’ve got your full-on crawl down. You’re mobile and that much more independent now. I now see how I could once find comfort in setting you down at a particular spot, turn around and find you still at that same spot moments later. This is no longer the case. It’s scary because you’re able to crawl away and get into things that might hurt or scare you, but it’s beautiful when you see me, smile and rush-crawl to my feet and anxiously wait for me to pick you up and give you kisses and make you giggle.

Not but a few days after you figured out how to crawl, you figured out how to pull yourself up onto your feet. Your Mom went to get you from your crib after you had awaken from a nap and there your were, standing up on your own two feet with your hands on the crib rail for support.

You experienced your first Halloween this year. Well, there wasn’t really much for you to experience — Instead your Mom and I experienced immense laughter after dressing you up as a purple dragon. We spent Halloween with John, Christine, Jack and Grayson. Jack trick-or-treated while you sat in the little red wagon and sucked on your fingers. Next year we’ll really take you trick-or-treating. I’m thinking about dressing you up as Reagan from The Exorcist.

Speaking of demonic possession — you started growling this month. You and I play a lot throughout the course of the day and on one occasion I growled and you growled back. Since then you growl whenever you feel like… uh, growling. You’re so hilarious when you do it, though.

You’re turning into such an unbelievable and amazing person. Every day you do something new that makes me so happy and proud – they’re always small victories but those are the ones that count. Just this past Sunday you looked at your Mom and me and pointed to the overhead lights at Fry’s. It wasn’t that big of a deal to you, but for me, it showed that you’re really interacting with the world around you.

I look forward to and embrace all of your daily discoveries. I love being next to you when you take on new challenges and experience your environment. But what I love the most is when you stop for that fleeting moment and turn and look up at me sitting next to you and smile that heart-melting smile. If I could bottle and sell that sensation I would be the richest man in the world — but I would never do that because that is something meant for only me — and I love you so much for giving that to me.

I love you, Sugar.



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