5th Anniversary

Elise and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary this past Friday.  Five years. Wow.  It’s scary how fast time passes us by as we age.  It seems like just yesterday that Elise was drooling and pawing at me, begging for my love and attention.  I was a free agent at the time and negotiated a handsome contract and now here we are today, contemplating our child’s college fund, health care reform and prescription strength glucosamine.

Our anniversary was not unlike most recent days.  We wake up on a quest to find a combination of sustainable source of nutrition fortified with fiber, a pair of eye glasses or the child.  We were more tired than usual because we babysat Jack the night before.

I had an interview that morning and got home in time to cook fajitas for Christine, who was over to pick up Jack, Elise and myself.  Christine and Jack left, I went to work and Elise played with Maly and cleaned house.  In passing we had this conversation more than once:

“Sooo…  what are we doing tonight?”


We had previously agreed that we wouldn’t buy each other gifts because the weekly compensation I receive from the Texas Workforce Commission will more than likely have us selling plasma and home furnishings by mid-October.  I serriously thought about rigging a nice evening at Taco Cabana or Jack in the Box but recounted our previous anniversaries.  I like to celebrate special occasions with nice food.

Christine called to let us know that she had a 20% off coupon from Louie’s 106.  Like any other unemployed schmuck I said, “Uhhhhmmmm… hell yeah!” like I found a half-smoked cigarette on a street corner next to a syringe with minimal needle rust!  Well, not really, but it afforded Elise and me to have a discounted anniversary meal and revisit the “kyew-pon versus coo-pon” dispute.

John & Christine watched Maly while Elise and I had dinner.  Elise had the Bronzed Alaskan Halibut Filet with Smoked Yellow And Red Tomato Coulis, Fire Roasted Red Onion And Rock Shrimp Arepas, Wilted Spinach and Oyster Mushrooms and a chardonnay wine flight.  I had the 8 oz. tenderloin filet stuffed with Crab Meat, Corn and Smoked Gouda, Green Peppercorn Cognac Demiglace and Poblano Bearnaise with a cabernet sauvignon wine flight.

After dinner we picked up some night cap booze and half of a Italian cream cake at HEB and went over to John and Christine’s for the evening.  We came home shortly after midnight to realize that although I had the camera in my pocket all night, we never had our picture taken together at dinner.  I set the camera’s timer and we posed at the kitchen table that was once my dad’s when he was a bachelor.

We always have a snapshot taken on our anniversary.  It lets us reflect upon our lives and our past together as a single, loving entity of enveloped souls and say things like, “Wow!  You could barely see your ear hair back then.”

“Hey, Pot, it’s Kettle.  Guess what?  You’re black!”

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