Job search: Day 1

Elise found my first post-baccalaureate job for me in the Austin American-Stateman.  When we went under at the end of the dot-com boom, I found my next job in the AAS.  I found my current job in the AAS.  So now I’m purusing the AAS for my next job in case I don’t find what I love to do in the meantime.

I’ve sent my resume along with a cover letter to seven potential employers.  Here are the employment positions that peaked my interest:

Job 1: Outside sales for the best local gutter sales and installation company.
Why?: Nice commission potential and I would be able to stand outside and point at peoples’ roofs.

Job 2: Wholesale mortgage sales executive for the 7th fasted growing national lender.
Why?: Position is offered as “a career changing opportunity” and I could use one of those.

Job 3: Outside sales for a local scaffolding company who is expanding into bleacher sales.
Why?: Bleachers are needed because people need to congregate and sit at varying levels.

Job 4: Account manager for the leading global provider of customised Corporate Information Solutions.
Why?: Because the actual job description is pretty close to what I do now and feel comfortable doing.

Job 5: Admissions Representative/Educational Sales for a certain Culinary Academy that may or may not be in the state of Texas and somewhere near or in the vicinity of Austin
Why?: That would be my way in – my way to pursue what I love.  They offer tuition reimbursement.

Job 6: Regional Sales Manger for a fast growing manufacturer of electrical interconnect and electronic interface products.
Why?: The job description sounds very interesting as the job requires automation/process control knowledge and the territory is in my neck of the woods.

Job 7: Business manager of natural food sales of restaurant quality, gourmet Italian foods that can be found in your grocer’s freezer.
Why?: Food, good.  Sales, good.  And my dad was a food broker in his working days.

All of these opportunities offer benefits.  Benefits are something that people really take for granted when they have them.

I feel a little bit better now that I’ve dipped my toe into job pool but know that it’s going to be a long swim once I get in.

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