Procrastinating in the name of glowing aliens

My weekend started by driving to the office Friday afternoon and letting the girls know that they will need to find new jobs. They were all shocked, but took the news relatively well considering the circumstance. One asked the other, “So, what do you think you’re going to do now?” To which the other replied, “Would you like to Supersize that?”

I came home early, cleaned out the pool, and while shaking my head, paid the bills and wondered how we’re going to make it in the coming months.

After dinner the three of us walked to Escarpment Village and had gelatos at Austin Scoops. We talked to Tim, the owner, about his family’s new business. Earlier that morning Elise and I kicked the idea of opening our own kolache/breakfast taco/deli spot in south Austin. Tim was very nice and offered to talk to us at any time should we get serious about opening our own business. It’s an option.

On Saturday we woke up and and drove over to Escarpment Village for the grand opening celebration for all of the new, local businesses. It turned out to be a tent crammed full of perveyors and little room to walk. We quickly left and had lunch at Subway and then to Home Depot for night light bulbs and weather stripping.

We came home and spent the rest of the day watching movies.

This morning I woke up and announced, “Today is Sunday. New classifieds are out.” So instead of searching for jobs, I decided to remove the reverse osmosis water filtration system from our kitchen. Since I removed the filtered water faucet from the sink, we had to go to Lowe’s for a sink faucet cover. Then to Target to return some clothes. Then to Wal*Mart for bubbles for Maly. Then we came home and instead of searching for jobs, I decided to drain the sediment from the water heater.

After bathing Maly we sat down to find that Cocoon had just started on the TV. Elise said, “I’ve never watched this movie in its entirety.” I concurred. So instead of searching for a new job, we’re watching Cocoon.

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  1. how does one “drain the sediment from the water heater” … seriously … I need to do that, can you teach me?

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