“Is this your new hobby?”

I jumped out of an airplane on Saturday evening. Since then I’ve found it very hard to think of anything other than jumping out of airplanes. Oh yeah, and a baby due in a month. But back to jumping out of airplanes…

Since then I’ve been checking out websites, photos, videos and have subscribed to a great skydiving Podcast. I keep yapping at Elise about skydiving to which she responded tonight, “I bought you that tandem jump because you said you wanted to jump out of an airplane. I didn’t think you would get this excited about it! Is this your new hobby?”

White knuckle desireIt wasn’t until hearing her response that it dawned on me: This is my new hobby.

Since we found out that Elise was pregnant her dad has boasted twice that he took up a new hobby with the birth of his two children. With Eric it was cars. With Elise it was photography. I consider Steve very well versed in both subjects.

Up until now I have felt somewhat disappointed that I hadn’t yet found my new hobby. In the past six months I’ve felt like I’ve been missing out on some sort of rite of passage.

I’ve found my rite of passage.

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  1. I am totally jealous. I have always (OK maybe not always but for years now) wanted to go skydiving. I should have done it before I was a mom. I feel guilty doingit now – what if something happens?

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