4-Wheeling Riley

I think if you ask most people who know me they’d agree I’m pretty attentive to detail. However, pregnancy has done a number on my mind. I’ll boil water to make tea and then forget to pour the water into the tea pot. The other night John and Christine came over for dinner and I threw whole potatoes with their skins still on in cold water thinking we’d have mashed potatoes in minutes. I’ve walked out of stores with other people’s bags (innocently I might add), but none of these compare to Sunday’s events. I kissed Josh goodbye and headed to the store to run an errand. As I was backing out of the garage in my Jeep I noticed our neighbors Stacy, Brandon and Ray waving at me from across the street. At first I thought they were just giving me a neighborly wave, but as I backed into the street I noticed Stacy running in my direction waving her arms and franticly motioning me to stop. I pulled over to the curb and rolled my window down. She held her hands up and said, “Don’t move. Riley is on top of your Jeep.” As she said this I turned back to see Riley jump to the ground and run towards the driveway. “Oh my gosh!,” I exclaimed. I thanked Stacy for the warning and sheepishly waved to Ray and Brandon. Before I pulled away I leaned out my window and yelled to all three, “Riley isn’t the sharpest tack in the drawer, but I guess I should be more observant.” We all laughed and I drove away. I called Josh immediately to tell him of Riley’s adventure. Although I couldn’t stop laughing I also felt a little like crying. What would poor Riley have done if our neighbors hadn’t been there to stop me? Josh’s response to my question was, “You have a canvas top. He could have dug his claws in.” Yikes! From now on I’ll be more careful.

I did have a talk with Riley when I got home. I reminded him that although Jeeps can be fun they are also to be taken seriously and if he really wants to go 4-wheeling he should learn the right way. I have him signed up for classes with Gus.

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  1. LOL, just wait ’till the delivery and that first week at home. You ain’t seen delirious yet.

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