Elise\’s chili

Elise’s called me at 3 o’clock yesterday afternoon and said she was leaving work early so she could go home and cook chili.

“Okay, but use my recipe.

We got home at the same time and yours truly prepped 91.4% of the recipe. Elise changed a few ingredients so it’s officially hers. She changed the recipe to include ground beef, kidney beans and accidentally guajillo chiles (she picked up chipotles and anchos as well but accidentally threw guajillos in the bag). I added a tomatillo, we used Shiner Bock instead of Saint Arnold Spring Bock and we have an awesome new chili recipe .

They say real Texas chili isn’t supposed to contain beans. I’m a tried and true Texan and I personally like beans in my chili. It adds another flavor and texture element and that’s what chili’s all about. And this recipe is 50% Midwestern.

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