Answering a want ad

“Busy and growing Marble Falls office needs a full-time marketing production whiz with great ideas and a positive attitude! Must be proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, Pagemaker, Microsoft Office, Quickbooks and print media. Must be Web/e-mail savvy. $10-12 per hour. Send coverletter and resume to [email protected] or fax to 555-456-7890.”

1) Send me your resume via e-mail or fax. Don’t call me. If I wanted you to call me, I would have said in the ad, “bother me by calling the office at 555-123-4567”. You won’t get a call back either.

2) Spell check your coverletter and resume.

3) Don’t use acronyms or initials in your resume. You may have been a fantastic customer service representative at XYZ Corp. but I have no idea what the GPR 990 is, how you used it or how it will make you beneficial to me.

4) Don’t disclose emotional baggage in your resume. I don’t need to know your marital status.

5) Be confident. Your resume is supposed to show off your skills and accomplishments. Don’t second guess yourself.

6) I understand desperation. I’ve been there. But, if you’re not qualified, don’t apply. I am honestly impressed that you can solder the mainboard of a Cisco router with one hand while blindfolded but you apparently can’t design a trifold brochure.

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