Memorial Day weekend babysitting Jack

John and Christine are in Mexico for a wedding this weekend. Back in February, when John asked me to be Godfather, he nonchalantly asked if we’d be willing to babysit Jack over the Memorial Day weekend. I said yes without hesistation.

A week later John asked, “Are you sure you guys are willing to babysit Jack for four days? I don’t want you to hate me when we get back.”

I said, “I said I’d do it, so I’ll do it.”

Here it is, Memorial Day weekend and day one of babysitting Jack. John and Christine came over at 6 a.m. this morning to drop off Jack on their way to the airport. Elise answered the door and immediately took over on morning duty. John woke me up and said something to me. I said, “yeah” and went back to bed. I woke up to the alarm, took a shower, etc. and staggered to the living room to say hi to Jack. I showed him where I keep the scotch, gave him a cigar and a bag of gummy bears, kissed Elise goodbye and went to work.

Elise played mom all day and must have done a good job because she’s conked out on the couch next to me right now. She’s exhausted. I’m pretty tired too because Jack ate all of my gummy bears and I have no source of sugar.

Thankfully Mom & Dad are here for the weekend so I can try to delegate poo duty.

The next three days should be interesting…

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