Spring house work

I ran over to the Bicycle Sport Shop and picked up my mountain bike on Friday evening. I’m yet to ride it – that’s on the agenda for this evening. After washing the truck I sat down to watch “Saw” again. Elise came home from work midway through the movie and I got up and made her dinner as she hadn’t eaten in a day and a half.

Elise had to go to work before sunrise on Saturday. I woke up not quite as early, worked in the yard a bit and then drove over to the Four Hands warehouse to pickup the dining room chairs and buffet table that Elise bought Friday afternoon. Now we have a buffet table. I don’t really understand why we have a buffet table. I didn’t grow up with a buffet table in the dining room. We don’t serve buffets. Am I required to have a sneeze guard and an endless supply of banana pudding with Nilla Wafers®?

I stopped at World Market and bought some cool dinner plates to use when we entertain. I drove up north to Fry’s with an 800 lb. buffet table in the back of the truck to get some stuff for work. I made it home just as John, Jack and Elise were getting back from house shopping. Elise met up with John & Christine late Saturday morning to look at the layout of a house that they’re thinking about building.

John and I went and picked up lunch at Fu Lai. The owner of the restaurant kept trying to sell us “crap puffs”. We weren’t in the mood for tempura poo. We got our to-go order and went back to the house.

After lunch we commissioned Theresa’s boyfriend, Seth to come over and help move the buffet table from the truck and into the dining room. John & Jack went home so Jack could go to sleep. Elise and I rented “Ocean’s 12” and drove over to John’s to watch the movie and to keep him company since Christine was in Dallas for the weekend.

I woke up early on Sunday, washed the other truck, mowed, edged and treated the front and back yards for fire ants. Marc & Cyndi came over later that morning and Marc helped me install the new base boards in the guest bedroom. Thankfully Marc brought his mitre saw and nail gun. A project that would have taken me all day took approximately an hour with the right tools.

We went to Cypress Grill for lunch. Cypress Grill has the best muffalettas in town. They actually won the Austin Chronicle’s “Best Muffaletta this side of I-10” critics poll this year. Unfortunately they didn’t have their Italian bread so we had ours on po-boy bread. Still a great sandwich nonetheless.

We went back to the house and I watered the lawn while Elise caulked the base boards.

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