eBay bidding courtesy of TWX

Aside from the $100/month pricetag, I knew there was a good reason we that we don’t subscribe to Time Warner’s digital cable.

I have a tendency to get a little trigger happy on eBay.

“But we need a Mork and Mindy talking toilet paper dispenser.”

I remember many years back, back in my college days and shortly after Elise and I started dating, I was up really late and lost count of how bany meers I had when all of the sudden an informercial spoke to me:

“…Call within the next ten minutes and we’ll give you, yes, give you, for free, two bonus CDs of nothing but 80’s Power Ballads. That’s a total of 14 CDs for three low monthly payments of only $39.99…”

I did the math as best I could at 4 a.m. and decided that I needed 14 CDs of nothing but radical 80’s rock. I still have those CDs too. I ripped them all and some of the songs are actually on my iPod. When one comes on, I skip to the next song.

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