More death on 71

While driving home from work yesterday I was among traffic that was slowed down and funneled to one lane as we all slowly drove by a fatal accident.

I could see inside the driver’s side of the car. The airbag was clearly visable as was a body. The paramedics were working on the driver. I could feel death in the air and I shivered.

Just this past December two off duty police officers, husband and wife were killed in a motorcycle accident on Hwy 71.

The accident I drove by yesterday was 50 yards away from the site where the husband and wife died four months ago. I drive by the two wreaths every day. Now there will be two more wreaths.

Hwy 71 is a bitch. Those two wrecks happened on a 50 mph curve that I hate. I think most people who know that road hate it as well. I think a seasoned NASCAR driver would hate it too. Those who don’t know it are the ones who barrel through it and cause tension and accidents. Hwy 71 is four lanes with no median and for the most part posted 70 mph. Most drive 75-80 mph. Imagine 80 mph next to a 18-wheeler against oncoming traffic with a 20 inch comfort zone between you and another vehicle traveling 80 mph to your left.

It’s such a nice, quiet, peaceful commute to and from work.

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  1. For over three years I have commuted on Hwy 71 from Marble Falls to Austin. But only two more times, I graduate on Saturday and will not drive on 71 again! After seeing dead bodies and many more accidents, I drive 55 or below now. I just let all the speeders fly by me and when someone gets too close, I slow down even more. Every day the fluorescent spray marks on the highway remind me to slow down–better late than dead.

    I saw a picture of St. Edward’s main building on your page. That’s where I am graduating from on Saturday.

  2. I had to comment the reason that accident occured (according to bystanders) was a road race, there was another car which didn’t crash and they stopped,(supposedly liscense plates were taken, but they were not able to be located as yet) then left the scene. The posted speed limit in that area is 55; not 70…maybe that’s an issue that needs to be addressed. (maybe it needs to be clearly posted, etc.) Cheers, Deanne

  3. I drive HWY 71 everyday from Spicewood to Bee Caves and have to endure the curve you are referring to. It scares the living sh*t out of me. Most of the time I have my two boys with me and I am nervous wreck.

    It’s a double edged sword as to which lane to use. If you use the outside lane, you are probably going to hit one of the thousands of deer that roam the area. And if you use the inside lane, a fiery head on collision marked w/ flourescent paint is sure to result.

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