Flashback Prom

On Friday night we went all out. We had the party of all parties. We lived it up like there was going to be no Saturday morning.

We sat at the kitchen table, blanched and shelled fava beans.

We woke up Saturday morning and I tested for my third star for my black belt. I think I did really well. Usually I’m nervous as hell. When I get nervous, I forget to breath. This time I concentrated on my breathing and not the people watching me. I nailed all of my patterns and sparred okay. The only part I botched was my board breaking. I tried a down kick, back kick, reverse hook kick combo. The first two kicks were dead on. I had to try the reverse hook kick a few times before the boards brokes.

After the test ten of us went to Chili’s for lunch. After lunch Elise and I spent four hours at Lucy in Disguise so Elise could get a costume for the Dudley & Bob Pimpalicious Ho-Tastic Flashback Prom.

Elise Ho

After finally settling on an outfit, we went home, took a nap and then got dressed for the prom.

We arrived at the Hyatt on Town Lake at 9:30 and stayed at the prom long enough to see other peoples’ costumes and listen to a few songs by the Scabs. We left after an hour or so. This prom, like most proms, was pretty boring.

We then headed south and met up with Adrian at his friend’s house for a couple beers. Elise and I then went home and called it a night.

We woke up early on Sunday and had an early lunch at Central Market. I’d been craving CM’s Caesar salad for a few weeks and had to get my fix. While there, we did a little shopping so I could get duck breasts for my pizza recipe, to get Elise an heirloom tomato (she’s vowed to not eat any other variety) and to price some fresh rattlesnake meat.

Rattlesnake meat

We ran some errands, grocery shopped and returned our costumes to Lucy in Disguise. I cooked dinner, we watched a little TV and went to bed.

Here are a few photos from the prom.

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