If it hurts, it’s good for you

Every once in a while my job really sucks. Today was one of those once in a whiles. Being in management sometimes makes me miss the days when I squeezed dog butts for a living.

A customer called and chewed me a new asshole. The gloves came off and I was made to feel like I was an inch tall. No punches were pulled.

It was one of those calls where you try every friendly customer service rebuttal but you might as well just say “Yes, yes, you’re right, I suck.”

So, being the person that I am (still 1 inch in stature) I have to look at this as a learning experience and generate an action plan. That’s business talk for crawl into bed with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s and cry.

But really – I handled the call as best I could and took the exchange as constructive criticism.

My original Tae Kwon Do instructor always told me: “You never learn by winning all the time.” Meaning: when you get your ass kicked, learn how to prevent it next time.

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