Johnny Beans BBQ Chicken

I usually come up with my best recipes somewhere between the time that I go to sleep and the time that I actually start cooking. It’s a very complicated process.

On Sunday I woke up and announced to my wife and the slumbering cats that I was going to barbeque chicken.

For my sauce I reduced 24 oz. of Coke to ~ 5 oz. I then added 12 oz. of crushed tomatoes, sauteed onions and garlic, then some Worchestershire, Soy, Thai chilies, chipotles, a Cab Sav reduction, a splash of Dr. Pepper, another splash of beer, paprika and chili powder, salt and pepper. I let the sauce slow cook for a couple hours and then took the trusty boat motor to it.

I rubbed an organic whole chicken with 1/4 c. Johnny Beans coffee, salt, pepper, chili powder, paprika and thyme. I slow grilled it with a makeshift smoker (oak chips wrapped in foil) for ~ an hour.

I tossed a couple cans of pork ‘n bean in a pot with some sweated vidalias and brown sugar.

All made for an awesome BBQ chicken dinner and some good NFL playoff games. I wish I had written down my recipe for the sauce.

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