Last Ice Bats game for the season

Elise and I met up with Philip, Rob, Dave and Shannon last night to watch the Ice Bats beat the Loredo Bucks 5-3 in their last game of the season. Bonus: Pushmonkey (local band that Elise and I really like) performed after the game.

Going to Ice Bats game has been a tradition for Elise and me since we’ve been together. We go, sneak in a pint of Jack Daniels (sorry, I’m not paying $5 for a beer), make some noise, watch some fights, chant “Go Ice Bats” and Elise has to re-explain the rules of hockey (Northern folk understand ice hockey. Most Texans just go for the fights and to revel at the notion of a large platform of ice on which to skate).

The game was awesome. It was also good to catch up with the boys. Two weeks ago I gave a lot of business to the company that Rob works for. I found out last night that Shannon works for a competing vendor that I’ve used in the past. Rob and Shannon are neighbors. I handed them both my business card and told both of them to call me Monday morning. That was hilarious. I kept my mouth shut and laughed as the two of them starting fighting (in a neighborly/friendly way) for my business.

After the game we all went our separate ways. Elise and I came home and looked at old pictures and watched the video from our trip to Galveston for New Years 2000.

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