Wolverine the pacifist

I had a weird dream this morning just before the alarm sounded. I was walking down a busy street just past dawn when I suddenly turned into a variation of Wolverine. I screamed and stammered violently down the street. I became extremely hungry. I walked into an animal shelter and with both hands, skewered two large dogs (I think they were Rottweiler/Pit Bull mixes) just below the base of the neck. I immediately ate half of one of the dogs. An employee from the animal shelter nonchalantly advised me that I ought not do such a thing again as it is frowned upon by most of the employees.

I walked off with dog blood on my face and chest.

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I’m my regular self. I’m riding a bicycle on the shoulder of a frontage road. It reminded me of the northbound frontage road of I-35 just before the Ben White intersection. I witnessed another bicycler get assaulted by a group of guys in a blinged out blood red Cadillac Escalade. The Escalade pulled up in front of the bicyclist, the rear passenger-side driver held 4×4 from out of the door and the driver slammed on the breaks, knocking the bicyclist off of his bike and onto the pavement. Four guys, all of different races exited the vehicle and began pummeling their victim as he lay on the concrete.

I continued to ride along as I didn’t want to draw attention to myself.

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I’m still riding my bicycle. Three people are walking along side of me. I can’t make out two of the individuals. The only one I can remember is my antagonist. He’s a black male in his early 20s. He keeps harping me about something and I keep trying to pedal along. Finally he becomes to much of an obstruction so I get off and begin walking my bike. He stays right along side of me, egging me on. I don’t know what he wants from me and I’ll I’m trying to do is keep from getting into a fight. I try to be rational but he won’t hear it. His two cronies (one of which I think was a female) maintain their positions a few steps behind us. I keep telling him that he’s not going to get anything from me and that I’m not going to fight. I tell him that fighting won’t accomplish anything. I finally make it to some sort of empty venue. The place was either some sort of depot or the box office side of a stadium. The facade was a deep red. My antagonist was still there. I was nervous and scared. I woke up.

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