When life hands you lemons…

…Take those lemons, squeeze them in a fist full of JB Weld and thumb tacks and shove ’em right back in life’s ass.

We found a leak in our ceiling in the kitchen late this evening. I’ve been up in the attic all night trying to find the source of the leak. I found a leaky PVC pipe. I thought the leak was coming from a joint in the pipe. I took a plastic plate, two tubes of JB Weld and a fresh roll of duct tape into the attic to fix the problem. I quickly realized that the leak is coming from the seam where the roof meets the PVC pipe – not the joint in the pipe.

I have a 90% chance of rain tomorrow and a roof that needs to be inspected. I’m pissed. I’m frustrated. Work sucks. Thanksgiving traveling plans are frustrating. Buying Christmas presents… leaky roof… Riley has a cold…

I have to go crawl up into the attic now and empty the bucket we’re using to catch the drip. I have to set my alarm for 4 a.m. so I can empty said bucket again. I can’t sleep. Arrrrghhh.

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