Cigars, Satellite Cafe, garage door opener

This weekend has been gloomy. I came home from work on Friday evening to a wife in the kitchen cooking spaghetti with homemade meat sauce. After dinner we watched Ocean’s 11 and Elise bought plane tickets online for our Christmas trip to Des Moines this year. I’m glad Elise shopped for the tickets because had it been left up to me, I would have just bought whatever to get it done. Elise saved us $250 by being patient.

On Saturday John came over and we went to the Oak Hill Liquor Store to buy cigars for the soon-to-be new arrival. John went home and I organized the garage so we can park the X and Jeep. Very tight squeeze.

Elise went to work for an hour or so. When she got back, we headed out so I could get my hair cut and to do some shopping. We went to Sam’s to buy floor mats for the truck. We left with no floor mats but a new trash can for the kitchen, 50 pack spindle of CDRs, toothpaste, soap, paper towels and jeans for Elise. We went to O’Reilly and Auto Zone for a new windshield wiper blade for the X and wiper refills for the Jeep. That took forever. We also looked for floor mats at both stores. We decided to go back to Sam’s and buy the set of floor mats we saw there.

We went home and tried to decide what we wanted to make of our Saturday evening. We went to Big Lots to do some browsing. We splurged. A 25′ extension cord and cinnamon waxed dental floss for $5. Not necessities, but when you find yourself in Big Lots, you’ll find something to buy. We had a nice, quiet dinner at Flip’s Satellite Cafe. After dinner we walked over to Blockbuster and rented Old Yeller. I had accepted the fact that I might get a little choked up during the viewing of this movie. I didn’t. It was pointed out that it had probably been 20 years since I had last seen Old Yeller. Still a great movie nonetheless.

Today is rainy and cold. Elise is writing down recipes so we can go grocery shopping. I think we’re also going to buy our Christmas present for each other – a new garage door opener. I’ve given up on having it repaired. I damn sure won’t be calling Gordon’s Overhead Doors. Ever.

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