Cold day, bad day, maimed fawn

Today has been an absolute shitty one so far. It all started at approximately 10:30 last night when I hit a deer on the way home from John & Christine’s. I’m getting to where I really don’t like deer. Much like what happened to John and me almost a year ago, a deer darted out from the bushes as I was driving down Slaughter Ln (aptly named street, huh?) towards the house at 50 mph. I saw the deer start running accross the street and I slammed on my breaks. It had been raining earlier that evening so my car slid right into the deer – dead on. It was an adolescent deer. I don’t know how fast I was going on impact, but the deer flipped end over end over end over end for about 30-40 feet. It then started to flop around very freakishly.

Elise is in the Jeep behind me, wondering what the hell I’m doing as she didn’t see the deer come out.

I was temporarily mesmerized by the whole ordeal. Then I thought “Shit – now I’m going to have to run over this effing deer a couple times to put it out of its misery. The damn thing finished its conniption and ran off.

So now the grill on my cool Toyota pickup is broken in two places and I have a huge deer-shaped dent in my bumper. Luckily the deer only caused cosmetic damage.

So I went to bed mad last night.

I woke up in a bad mood. It’s cold (to me – a mild cold front blew in this morning). I hate cold weather. My iPod is still screwed up. Everything at work has gone all shitty.

Today sucks.

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