Crash course in hardwood

I came home from work today at 6 p.m. Work has been very stressful this month. We’re behind – big time. My boss and I decided to shift labor and promote from within to handle certain tasks which now involves a management structure that umbrellas fulfillment and marketing. That’s a big deal for our newly promoted Production Manager (we’re not big on titles but that’s what I’ll probably use in reference to said newly promoted). There’s a big learning curve involved that I’ll have to manage until she can take over and delegate. Short term that means a lot of work for yours truly but will really help out in the end. That will eventually free up some time for me so I can start working closely with my boss again.

Anyway – big stress.

To add insult to injury, Elise and I got home around the same time and decided it was time to stock the pantry and fridge. We went to the grocery store and got home around 9 p.m. I went out to the garage to throw something in the trash. As I was walking through the garage door, I noticed carpet shreddings. I turned on the hall light and saw that the carpet in the threshold of the guest bedroom was
torn all to hell
. Our housekeeper accidentally closed the guest bedroom door after cleaning this afternoon and locked Annie in all day. Her only escape route: under the door. She obviously couldn’t make it but she sure did a number on the carpet.

This weekend, Josh is learning to rip up carpet and install hardwood flooring. A prime opportunity to practice my profanity.

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